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Last Lady Standing

Elizabeth Pascoe - Adderley St

We had local residents, local campaigners, Civic Designers, Expert Witnesses and Councillors who supported Elizabeth from the start here to share in this occasion. 'Shop' talk was banned, but it did not stop us reflecting on what a waste of a perfectly good safe and well kept house it all was and that no one should ever have to go though this ordeal at any stage in their life.


We were greeted to a candle lit entry which set the scene for the grand night and fought our way through the crowd to find the beer, wine and people to discuss our local issues with.  here were words of sadness from the people who looked around the the well kept house. There were words of comfort to Elizabeth in which we said we would be there at any time for her but there was also a strange quietness - a house full of life and music soon to be a plot of nothing. There was an upside to the evening - the only upside of having no neighbours either side - means that we could fit a live band in the front room who kept us entertained all night! The beer flowed, pictures were taken and video footage was captured.



We have left this website 'live' to show the process we faced - and information for other area's of the City facing the same issues.


Walking through Elizabeth's house, one can see the spacious rooms, the neat layout, the generous size of the hallway and the flow of the house.  


Why would this house be condemned to the wreckers ball? Where is the sense in it all apart from a land grab? One lady's life has been simply put down to a price on paper.

Viewing the upstairs, one can see that there is no space wasted in the design of the property. 3 large and spacious rooms that have housed a family.


A large and spacious bathroom with a shower and bath facility which is totally alien in new build properties. How many of the new builds in Wavertree have this feature?

Saturday 16th January 2010 saw a sad occasion.  The 'Leaving Do' (or house losing party) was attended by many people.


But as the party came to a close neigh on 3am, the house suddenly became quiet - too quiet - as if the house itself had one last sing song flicking through its memories only to be resigned to the fact that its purpose of a family house was cut all to short in its prime.


Elizabeth Pascoe - In Her Words:


"What has been said by experts is the fact that I lost, allowing that I had 70 witnesses, 35 of whom attended the Inquiry from places such as Oxford Cambridge London and so forth (13 universities were represented) entirely at their own expense, proves that the whole so called democratic process is a very expensive farce. The judge had every sympathy with us, but could see that resistance was futile." She said she used to love reading, but  the strain of reading documents for two  public inquiries and six High Court  hearings to try to save her home from  the bulldozers  has taken the joy out of  picking up a book.  


Although the plight for Edge Lane is over - we leave this website live to show the background to the attempt to saving the Victorian properties on Edge Lane, and save a local community.