Better Environmental Vision 4 Edge Lane

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Fly By 1 - The video starts you off on a journey along Edge Lane. As we begin you will see a simplified representation of the Littlewoods Building on the "horizon" to your left of the picture (which is the south side of Edge Lane). We join as we approach the Littlewoods building on the left. A fine Art-Deco commercial building which the developers now recognise as a distinctive asset to be used, rather than wiped away.  It is to become the obligatory luxury flats.


As we pass the building, the 2 carriageways of the road are at different levels. This makes this part of the road quite uncrossable for pedestrians, which we cannot easily alter at the brow of the hill.



This road is supposed to have a 30mph limit, but where it is dual carriageway, this limit is almost universally broken.  Despite this, the official scheme would extend the dual carriageway! BEVEL believes it is better to make it a single-carriageway. Within the residential area, we would be providing pedestrian islands at intervals.  The first such crossing point is between the Hindu Centre and the park gates. The other great advantage of a narrow total width is that we can preserve the houses on both sides. Here, where we approach St Cyprians church (on the left), we have to take a little land from the front gardens, but no houses need be demolished.  These front gardens are a bit of an eyesore at present so this gives an opportunity to improve things substantially.  Even with the narrower lanes, there is no space for a dedicated right-turn lane here, but the traffic which needs to turn here will have been able to head north earlier at Beech Street.

Fly By 2 - The video starts you off on a journey along Edge Lane. As we begin, you are heading towards Edge Lane West from Mount Vernon and heading towards the M62 down Edge Lane. We join as we head out of town going past the Royal University Hospital.


Heading to what is the start of Edge Lane. You will notice that the start of Edge Lane has two lanes and the right turn in to Towerlands Street also has two lanes.


Now heading in to Edge Lane West past the new development on the right hand side past the petrol station. We now approach the junction at Holt Road - you will notice there is now a 3rd lane in which drivers can turn right. Heading up to the Botanic Road - this is now prohibited to turn right.


As you can see, the traffic will now flow much better through Edge Lane West to Edge Lane East without any loss of buildings and careful and clever thinking of the road layout.

Fly By 3 - The video starts you off on a journey along Edge Lane.As we begin, you are along Wedgewood Street, turning right in to Holt Road and then finally heading down Edge Lane West.


We start on adderley street , one of the back roads behind edge lane now progressing in to Wedgewood Street.


From Wedgewood Street, we head on to Holt Road. At the junction of Holt Road and Edge Lane, we take a tour of the new junction and its new layout before heading up to Edge Lane west.





As we come down the slope we, (BEVEL) propose that the carriageways be levelled-up. In particular this will permit a junction to allow right-turns into Beech Street. Traffic heading to the suburbs to the north should take the right turn here, as we will not be permitting right-turns at the Holt Rd junction further on.  A junction here also provides a safe pedestrian crossing point, so essential for making the park on the left accessible to the residential area to the right.