Better Environmental Vision 4 Edge Lane

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Overview: Hall Lane - Marmaduke: (Map 1)


We propose a pedestrian crossing here, both to improve pedestrian facilities and to manage traffic speed. The signals will aim to co-ordinate cohorts to pass through at the key junctions; they will generally be out of sequence for pedestrians here, so the crossing is provided with 2 stages and a central island.


As described, changes to the Inner Circuit Road (howsoever it is designated) will reduce the demand for right turns into Marmaduke St. We do not provide for a right-turn here.  Signage should indicate that a series of left turns (via the "School Lane") will give access to Marmaduke St. The cycle lane (eastbound at Henderson Green) has been diverted behind the bus stop. This is generally a preferable arrangement, but not always possible.


Overview: Marmaduke - Dorothy (Map 2)


As described, changes to the regime within Kensington Fields, (required in part for Edge Lane, and also for Hall Lane changes) mean that right turn into Jubilee Drive will be essential.


The new "School Lane", has several functions:


- Improved access to school and Life Bank


- enable rear-access parking to businesses north of the Lane


- provides a route from town to the Conservation Area which avoids the difficult right turn at Marmaduke St.


We propose a pedestrian crossing facility here, midway between Holt Rd and Jubilee Drive.

The location is close to the existing crossing, but the island for the new crossing will also serve to

prevent right-turns into the side roads. (Right turns from the side roads, which are less of a problem, are still permissable.)


Overview: 'The School Lane' (Map 3)


Direct access for the businesses on the north side of Edge Lane may cause unaceptable delays, so the preference is to provide rear access. The plan shows several access drives into the Edge Lane proporties, but a more comprehensive developement plan is likely to change.


Overview: Quorn - St Cyprians (Map 4)


On account of the narrow space available between St Cyprians Church and the houses on the north side of Edge Lane, we propose prohibiting right turns into Holt Rd. The tight gap and the change of direction in the road, mean that the shared pedestrian/cycle surface must be reduced to 3.2m for a stretch beside the church.

This is less than desirable but within the range used elsewhere in the city. We propose a right turn lane for traffic heading east. Fitting in this lane will require some land take from the front gardens, especially on the north side of Edge Lane (perhaps also from the corner property on the south side).


Overview: Flaxman - Deane Road (Map 5)


We propose a pedestrian crossing at this key point next to the gates to Botanic Park.

Because the signals will aim to coordinate cohorts to pass at the key junctions, they will generally be out of sequence here, so the crossing is provided with 2 stages and a central island.

Right turns from Edge Lane into Botanic Road would cause problems (right turns from Botanic Road into Edge Lane are not a problem) so a small traffic island is provided to prevent it. The crossing will give ready access between the Hindu Centre and the parking available in the park (and parking along Botanic Road).


Overview: Beech St Junction (Map 6)


It is essential to our scheme that inbound traffic headed to points north can make their right-turn before the Holt Rd junction (where there is insufficient space between the buildings for propoer right-turn facilities). At this point there is a difference in levels at present, between the east- and west-bound lanes of Edge Lane.

To create this junction will require building up the level of the eastbound carriageway by about 1m. Raising the level of the road and footpath will lead to little disruption for the Tom's factory car-park. The area affected is grassed, and already rises to about the level required. The engineering works will have a greater effect on the Devonshire House car-park while it is carried out, although the space can be reverted to its current use (or other uses) at the end of the works.

The owners will benefit from better access to Edge Lane and advantage may be taken to give the hotel more visiblilty.